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Full Focus E05: Steeltown Garage Co.

Steeltown Garage Co. is an Espresso and Motorcycle store in Hamilton, Ontario. You may raise an eyebrow at first - coffee and bikes aren’t a particularly common combination - but this shop is about much more than your standard motorcycle clichés. A community filled with unexpected friendships, bikers, non-bikers and community members alike, can be found regularly sharing conversation and coffee in the warm ambience of this café and shop. Inclusive to all walks of life, Steeltown Garage is placed fittingly on the corner of Barton and James Street. They show their support for Hamilton’s motorcycle scene through weekly motorcyclist meet ups and other special events.

This episode of Full Focus shares the story of how Jeff and Tania formed Steeltown Garage Co., and why after years of travel, Hamilton was the place to call home.