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Mac Discussions - Return to Mac Winter 2022 Q&A

The Silhouette and 93.3 CFMU hosted a MacDiscussions round table with the McMaster University admin about the return to campus in Winter 2022.
Have questions about Winter 2022? Watch the discussion below!

1. How do you think the return to Mac for Fall 2021 went? 0:53
2. What do you hope campus will look like in the winter term? 6:31
3. Will McMaster be taking any additional steps to ensure the safety of all students, faculty, and staff in Winter 2022? 13:30
4. How is McMaster helping students who are facing issues finding housing? 16:36
5. Will there be an increase in available eating & study spaces for students to utilize? 21:03
6. Are there any accommodations to ensure International students are still able to attend campus while they are getting up to date with Canadian approved vaccines? 25:24
7. How will the mental health of students be supported as many are facing challenges in transitioning to an in person semester? 30:43

Panel Members:
Andrew Mrozowski - Editor-In-Chief of The Silhouette
Sean Van Koughnett - Dean of Students at McMaster University
Kim Dej - Acting Vice Provost Academic at McMaster University
Denver Della-Vedova - MSU President
Nisha Gill - Level 3 Arts & Science Student
Couper Smith - Level 2 Mechatronics Engineering Student