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Mac Discussions: The Return to McMaster University Campus 2021

Andrew Mrozowski, Editor-in-Chief from The Silhouette spoke with McMaster University representatives, Sean Van Koughnett (Dean of Students) as well as Dr. Kim Dej (Acting Vice Provost Academic) and MSU representative, Denver Della-Vedova (MSU President), about the return to campus. McMaster University students Couper Smith and Nisha Gill expressed their various concerns regarding the upcoming school year. Topics include the decision behind in-person vs. virtual learning, how McMaster University plans to control COVID-19 outbreaks, vaccine mandates and more! 

Should any information change we will update accordingly, continue to monitor Back to Mac website for new information. 

Time Stamps:
3:52 - In a perfect world, what are you hoping McMaster University looks like in the fall? 9:24 - What advice would you give to those who are feeling anxious about the return to campus?
17:11 - How was the option of in-person/virtual learning opportunities made? Is there potential for classes to be changed from in-person/virtual midway through the semester? 21:13 - Are physical distancing measures still going to be in place on campus?
24:44 - Can organizations within McMaster University (MSU, Hospitality Services etc.) make their own decisions on physical distancing, masks, etc. or do they have to follow university guidelines?
​29:05 -What is the plan when a student/faculty/staff member tests positive after being on campus?
32:36 - Will accommodations be made for students who must self-isolate but have in-person components/assessments?
35:55 - Why did the university change their decision on vaccination requirements for students living in residence?
38:55 - Why is there currently no vaccination requirement for those coming to campus? 41:20 - What will the rules around congregating on campus look like?
43:27 - In a perfect world, what does winter semester look like at McMaster University?