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Mac Discussions w/ The Student Wellness Centre on Mental Health

CFMU Community Outreach Coordinator, Emma McCarty spoke with Rachel Gibbs a representative from the Student Wellness Centre along with Sabrina Schindel a fourth year student at McMaster University. The group discussed the importance of mental health and what resources McMaster University and the wider Hamilton community has available to assist those struggling with their mental health. Topics included, coping strategies for students, how to navigate the Student Wellness website and what to do if you are in a crisis. 

Time Stamps:
1:55 - How has online schooling impacted your mental health?
3:50 - How does the Student Wellness Centre operate from home?
5:40 - What mental health services does the Student Wellness Centre offer?
10:35 - Mental health programs added since COVID-19
12:05​ - Coping with mental health while at home
14:55 - Tops for students struggling with their mental health
21:45​ - What should a student do if they are having a mental health crisis?

Resources Mentioned in the Video -
Student Wellness Centre:
Website: https://wellness.mcmaster.ca/
Phone #: (905) 525 9140 ext. 27700
Phone #: (905) 972 8338
Phone #: text GOOD2TALKON to 686868 or dial 1 866 925 5454