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CFMU TOP 5: July 26, 2018

This Top 5 of the week starts off with a local talent and ends with a big name within the Canadian music scene. Sandwiched in between you can find several gems from the west coast.

At number five this week we have Josh Lamothe’s “Ocean of Stars”. Lamothe is a Hamilton based rocker who takes the charts by storm with his debut album. Lamothe is definitely worth looking into as his unique voice and well written lyrics will lead him to big places.

At number four this week is Oxlip with their album “Wolves! Cried the Maid”. This Vancouver based folk band in lead by a mesmerizing singer whose smooth and powerful voice fits perfectly above the mix of the instruments. Oxlip is heavily inspired by folklore, magic and mythology within their writing and general soundscape leaving the listener feeling like they are traveling in a mirage.

At number three there is another Vancouver band, this time of the punk rock variety, with Dumb and their album “Seeing Green”. This prolific band has not stopped putting out music they already have 4 releases under their belt since they formed 3 years ago. They play a style that is reminiscent of a young Black Flag. With fast paced bass and drums creating a foundation for the relaxed but meaningful vocals and melodic guitar. They are currently on tour for “Seeing Green” so be sure to see them if you get a chance.

At number two A Perfect Circle returns with “Eat the Elephant”. This is A Perfect Circle’s first album in 14 years and sees metal heavy hitters Maynard James Keenan (Tool) and Billy Howerdel (Ashes Divide) return with a new style. They stray from their heavy metal roots in order to experiment with a more alternative sound that is unlike anything that the band has ever done before. The album is worth a listen to see A Perfect Circle experiment with different genres.

Yukon Blonde makes it in at number one this week with their new album “Critical Hit”. The British Columbia band has seen success throughout the Canadian indie scene because of their creative synth and keyboard integration and enchanting lyricism. “Critical Hit” is a great follow up to their last album “On Blonde” as it builds upon the strong songwriting and melodic playing. Yukon Blonde will be on tour so be sure to check them out, they are playing in Hamilton on November 20th with The Zolas at The Studio.