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On November 8, 1998 at 4:00 pm the first program of Twoje Radio was broadcasted from the CFMU station at McMaster University in Hamilton. 

Since then, we have hosted hundreds of guests - not only from our direct community, but from all over the world - who represented various voices and opinions of Polish people wherever they live.  We have discussed community, country and world issues through the lenses of personal human experiences.  A wide range of topics, from light gossip, through entertainment, to serious issues were on the table.  Every program also includes a selection of Polish songs.

Over the years, we have had a number of volunteer co-hosts who greatly contributed to the program.  Currently, the team consist of two founding members, Jolanta Ostrowska and Paulina Nozka, as well as Janek Wichrowski who has been with us for most of the time we’ve been on the air.  We really like working together and even though we quite often do not agree on discussed issues, we always stay respectful and open to ideas presented by the other side.

In 2016, we received a Volunteer Service Award from the Ontario Government (MCIIT) for our long term service to our community.  Recently, the Canada Poland Chamber of Commerce of Toronto honoured us with a Volunteers of the Year 2018 Award.

Jolanta: The last two decades producing and hosting Twoje Radio provided me with wonderful opportunities to be introduced to many people, opinions and ideas.  I am glad that my life journey includes my experience at CFMU.  I know that I am a smarter and better person thanks to my co-host friend, guests and listeners.                                             

Janek: For me, radio is the most personal medium, which I love.  Co-hosts of the program and listeners are my close friends.  

Paulina: With the radio since my days as a student at McMaster, I feel like I grew up with Twoje Radio, learning from our guests and developing my voice in the process.        

                                                       Do you want to learn Polish?  Listen to Twoje Radio, we speak Polish!   

                                                                     We can be reached via e-mail:  twojeradio@yahoo.com

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