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Gintariniai Aidai transliuoja Sekmad. 1-2 val p.p Toronto laiku.  1700-1800 GMT/UTC.   Echoes from the Amber Coast broadcasts resumed broadcasting on Nov 29 2020 - Covid-19 government health rules permitting.  Broadcasts take place from 1 to 2 pm Sunday Eastern time.  1700-1800 GMT/UTC.   Your host: Eduardas Stungevičius.  Send community news or announcements you would like to have aired to estungevicius AT hotmail dot com.  We accept annoucements from all around the world.


Dėl McMaster universiteto vadovybės veiksmų siekiant apsisaugoti nuo „Covid-19“ viruso, patekti į Studentų centrą ir radijo studiją CFMU-FM buvo sustabdyta iki kito pranešimo. Tai reiškia, kad artimiausiomis savaitėmis lietuviška programa nebus transliuojama numatytu laiku. Patikrinkite, ar nėra atnaujinimų šiame tinklalapyje. Ačiū visiems mūsų klausytojams už palaikymą per pastaruosius 42 metus. Tikimės artimiausiu metu atnaujinti transliacijas.  


Hosts: Amalija Gedris and Liuda Stungevicius.  News and events from Lithuania, and the Canadian-Lithuanian community in the Golden Horseshoe of Ontario Canada.  Songs, poetry and music from Lithuanian artists. 

Echoes from the Amber Coast - Gintariniai Aidai has been on the air continuously since January 13, 1978.  The show was created by Ed Stungevicius a third year McMaster Engineering and Management student at the time.  He was assisted in the early years with the weekly production of the program by a multitude of Mac students of Lithuanian descent.  Ed's co-hosts in the early years were Ms Ausra Pleinys, Ms Dalia Pajarskas-Peddle, Ed Labuckas and Antanas Rasymas.  

Mrs Liuda Stungevicius began contributing  to the program in mid 1984 and officially took on the show in 1986.  She has been on the air volunteering her time and boundless energy ever since.  Liuda has been recognized for her enthusiasm by the Government of Lithuania.  She was awarded the Medal of the Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas in 2005 for her contribution to Lithuanian culture through radio.

Liuda's co-hosts over the years have included Ms Dana Enskaitis,  Andrius Gedris, Reverend Juvenalis Liauba OFM, Viktoras and Aldona Remesat and more.  Amalija Gedris joined the program in 2006 and is currently co-hosting with Liuda every Sunday.


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