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Chasing after the freshest sound. Breaking into the fiercest rhythm. Taking you to the Next Exit.  The most inspired, soulful and electronic grooves, you ever want to hear.  Get off! @TheNextExit     email thenextexit@protonmail.com

Mike "from Burlington" is a DJ, producer and presenter of long standing, with a very stunning collection of House and Nu-groove records gathered since he broke out of B-boy culture in the mid 80's. The Next Exit was born from the ashes of mike's first show "Jackn' the Funk" when after 10 or so years, he needed to change names and purge the old to make way for his ever widening range of musical tastes and interests. So, a live mix of good house and electronic music can be had every Saturday at 7:30pm since 1996 on....CFMU

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