On Air

The Waiting Room radio show started out back in 1978 at Brock University radio, CFBU fm in St. Catharines.   After a lengthy period of radio silence, the program re-surfaced in 1998, once again at CFBU fm.  However in August of 2002, The Waiting Room found it's home here at CFMU fm every Friday morning.  The show features progressive and psychedelic rock music, mainly from the golden era of the late 60s/early 70s, but also right up to present day if it fits the bill.   When it comes to prog, proto-prog, eclectic prog, psychedelic, fusion, art-rock etc., ... you will hear a vast array of bands and artists, and many incredible rarer gems from around the globe.  Different songs, artists, and styles every week.  If you think that era was as cool as I do,  and you have a passion for discovering amazing music you may have never heard before, then this is surely the show for you.  And don't worry, you'll hear some of the bigger names in the genres as well.  My name is Lino, host of the program, hope you can join me some time, for what I promise will be very unique radio experience.  Peace!


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