On Air

Cosmik Repercussions is a electronic music show hosted by Ree. I've been a volunteer at CFMU since 1992 starting out with administrative tasks and eventually obtaining a show in 1994 called M and M Sessions. After a brief hiatus I returned with Atmospheric Hole. After another brief break I returned with Cosmik Repercussions  entering its 19th year as host and producer. The show focuses on all types of electronic music ranging from EBM, ambient, downtempo, chill, industrial, electropop, drum and bass, trance and ethnic electronica. Basically, if it is electronically created or manipulated it suits the show. I draw from across the musical decades playing electronic music of today and stretching back into the 1970's (although my favourite love is electronic music from the 1990's). Cosmik Repercussions is a live show and U encourages requests. The discovery of new electronic music is what drives me to continue doing the show after so many years. 

Contact the show via Facebook or via email: Cosmikrepercussions@gmail.com

Don't forget your "hour of power". Program one hour of the show by sending in your playlist via Facebook or email.  


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