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SCM Wednesday June 9 2021 1pm -3pm on CFMU

Link to download show http://www.steelcitymusic.ca/scm-wednesday-june-9-2021.../

In this episode we spin a mix of reflection music if you will. Wait, isn’t all music a reflection of something? We also get a chance to chat with Alyssa DVM about her new single Presence and how music got her out of taking shitty credit in Highschool. Honestly, its great she has found a passion at a young age.

In the next hour we feature Americana cool with Heather Valley. Heather walks us through some interesting songs with passion and story telling. It was nice to spin some Justine Townsend Earl . We lost him far to soon.

Also make sure you tune into the King of Fun Lou Molinaro on Lou’s Control every Wednesday from 3pm – 5pm on CFMU.

Link to Lou’s Control https://www.facebook.com/groups/478304822184275

Scm cfmu june 9 2021


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