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Hello friends!

Welcome to Mood Board - the show where we'll be listening to music that falls into a different mood each week (the word mood having a very loose definition). Whether it be ominous, comforting, restless, inquisitive, joyful, youthful, regretful, carefree, angry, romantic, dreamy, bittersweet, heartbroken, astronomical, warm, or anything in between, tune in every ​Friday at 3PM for some indie/pop/folk/rock/alternative music, my random thoughts/interjections in between, and overall a (hopefully) fun time :)

~ Michelle 

All the songs I've ever played on the air: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6kCIZiDNrYSvqVHr0biDVz?si=62ce0afd049544ad


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