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A Robot programmed and designed to discover, recognize, and appreciate Music.  The Tune Lovebot has surpassed a regular Tune Bot, as it has learned what it means to love. The Tune Lovebot loves music and everything to do with music. It enjoys collecting, organizing, and sharing music and the knowledge it has learned about it.

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A Weekly show that plays a wide variety of music, all sorts of different stuff; forgotten gems, hidden classics, and exciting new releases. A collection of esoteric, eccentric and eclectic music that excites both the average listener and the knowledgable music fanatic.

Episodes tend to involve a lot of neo-psychedelic, post-punk, shoegaze, and dream-pop, and consistently dabble within many underappreciated and lesser-known genres.

Although the musical content of the show varies greatly, the host (definitely not a tune love bot and definitely a human person 👍)  will make connections from song to song, showing how interconnected the world of music truly is.

Much like a Tune Lovebot, music of all sorts excites me and makes me want to share it with those around me- which is exactly what this show is!

Tune Lovebot has something for everyone! If not....feel free to reach out to me with recommendations at any of the attached links to my socials

[ I am definitely not a Lovebot programmed to curate playlists, that is a rumour. Nothing more than a rumour. I am definitely human. I do human things and not robot things. Since I am not a robot. Do not fact check. Trust. ]

I hope you enjoy the show!!  :D

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