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Music, interviews, and whatever else the morning chooses to throw in.  Presented by Jomar Quilatan.

First Up is now available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and just about any of your favourite podcast streaming platforms.

How to listen to First Up..if you've missed an episode live!

For every new episode, there are two ways you can enjoy the content:

  1. Through the direct on-air capture archive: each episode has a downloadable file (with a life span of eight weeks from the original air date before deletion) streamed directly from the live feed for the exact time slot of 7:30 - 9am ET on Mondays.  Full songs, ads and commentary can be heard.  Remember that all music rights belong to that of the individual artists and should be treated as copyrighted material.
  2. Through the "aircheck" version on podcasting platforms: each episode has an embedded player (of a more permanent nature) showcasing a shortened version of the episode to give you th gist of its flow.  Of course, interviews will be retained in full - music, however, will usually be trimmed to respect copyrights as related to the podcasting platorms.

Ongoing Content Call

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