On Air

But Seriously, Folks 

"Welcome Welcome" to your new favourite late night radio show! 

Nothing Serious is a show made by me (olivia) an overcommited undergraduate lab rat who enjoys all forms of music and art and has no fear of sharing this love with all the supporters of McMaster campus radio. 

Tuesday nights can be rough! Especially if you have to stay up for assignments/midterms or maybe you just can't sleep because your far too self-aware... Either way! I am awake with you and we can jam out together! 

Each week the show will be based upon a new and exciting theme and the themes may get pretty odd depending on how panicked I am the night before...as long as its not disco right? 

For show inquiries feel free to email me here: olivia.manndelany@hotmail.com '

Check out the midterm study playlist I curated for the station: 



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