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Have you ever questioned your decisions and wondered why you behave in certain ways?

Have you ever wondered where our thoughts come from and why we think the way we do?

Irrational Me is a show all about our own behaviour. We’ll dive deep into the human mind and the ways we think in order to explain the subconscious influences on our choices and decision making.

Each week we’ll tackle the inner machinations of our enigmatic mind (courtesy of Patrick Star & Spongebob) and discuss how they affect our daily lives and how we may use this information to our advantage.

Topics will range from well known psychologic tips like the foot in the door and mirroring technique to concepts like recency bias and loss aversion, with many cool things in between!

​First episode: January 8th.

See our instagram page @irrationalmepodcast !

​Art courtesy of Dagny Reese @cheberashka on Instagram.


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