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So, What Exactly Is Co-Working?

Blog/NewsOctober 27th 2016
Mark Gonzalez

If you're not too familiar with the concept of coworking, Hamilton is definitely the place for you to discover it.

Coworking refers to a style of work that involves a shared working environment, often an office space. This is very attractive to many professionals working from home, those owning small and start-up businesses, people who would rather not work in isolation, and the list goes on. It's very versatile in terms of who exactly can utilize the space!

Coworking not only offers a solution for isolated individuals working from home, but it also allows you to collaborate and meet a variety of new people. In addition, many coworking spaces provide services and amenities for you to take full advantage of including high speed internet, meeting rooms, desk space, etc.

Hamilton has recently become a hub for coworking spaces! CoMotion on KingCowork at the Cotton Factory, and the Seedworks are only a few examples of them. Recently, we got to speak to both the Seedworks and Cowork at the Cotton Factory on our MorningFile show.

They do not see one another as competition because they all differ and serve different needs...

Yvoone Woodley (Seedworks Manager) shed some light on many of the professional benefits to coworking along with the different tools they offer for businesses. Annette Paiment (Managing Director) also spoke about the new Cowork at the Cotton Factory and what they have in store as well! Both Yvonne and Annette were sure to mention though that all coworking spaces vary. Although they serve the same overall purpose, they do not see one another as competition because they all differ and serve different needs. It completely depends on what works best for your organization!

To learn more about coworking at both locations and discover more about the topic in general, be sure to check out the SoundCloud clip below!

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