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Liss Platt's CONSTANT decade

Blog/NewsMay 23rd 2017
Rachel Connell

Liss Platt is taking over the McMaster Museum of Art for the summer with her incredible exhibit “a CONSTANT decade.” The museum is located on campus between the stirling street bus stop and the student center and this exhibit from one of McMaster’s most well known multimedia professors will be on until August 19th.

In the words of Liss herself, “In Constant I continue engaging elements of the everyday, personal, and autobiographical in my art practice. The particular landscape represented here is a place I have been returning to and photographing for over ten years. The process of sustained observation, as well as the aggregation and manipulation of these images, transforms the familiar.”

We had the opportunity to chat with Liss on MorningFile this morning. Her artist talk and reception is happening June 4th at B Contemporary on James Street North. To hear the full details on what other exciting work that Liss is currently creating, listen below.