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Talking Student Success

Blog/NewsMarch 28th 2017
Mark Gonzalez

A Podcast, Just for Students!

Over the past year, I've had the pleasure of collaborating with the Student Success Centre to bring students a podcast mini-series on the MorningFile! Every other Tuesday, I sat down with someone from the SSC to discuss topics that were most relevant to the McMaster student body. These ranged from discussions on studying abroad, financial literacy, effective studying tips, how to use a Learning Portfolio and many more. I'm almost sad to see the series come to an end for the year but am happy to present to you a playlist featuring all of our episodes. 

I'd like to give a huge thanks to Jacquie Hampshire for organizing this series and thank Jenn Meister, Jenna Levi, Gisela Oliveira, Gina Robinson, Anushay Irfan Khan, Jillian Perkins-March, Tanya Kett, and Mary McAffery for sharing all of their amazing tips and tricks!

Also, big thanks to all of our morning listeners that tuned in, commented and tweeted about the series! Here's where you can check out the full series or catch up on any chats you might have missed live. 

Full Series: