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Sharing Educational Resources #BookByBook

Blog/NewsApril 28th 2017
Rachel Connell

Textbooks for Change came on MorningFile today to chat with Rachel about the exciting initiatives they’re hosting for sharing educational resources, not only in Canada but also internationally with partnering schools in Africa! Breanna Gilpin, McMaster’s campus ambassador talked about the many tiers in which Textbooks for Change is helping impact a greater accessibility for books here in Canada and abroad. 20% of books are resold to students at our universities at affordable rates, 50% are donated to partnering schools in East Africa, and 30% of older materials are recycled to create life for future publications!

This project is currently hosting many drives throughout the school year and has an ongoing drive at McMaster with Shinerama. You can donate any of your old books to this drive by reaching out to Shinerama on their Facebook page and they will pick up your textbooks right from your doorstep! Textbooks for Change is also giving away a $1000 school scholarship in a contest where all you need to do is post a photo or Boomerang online of you donating a book, with the hashtag #bookbybook.

Breanna fills us in on all the details and the importance of an initiative like this in our community. If you missed the full interview, you can listen below.