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Sit With She for a Connected Community

Blog/NewsApril 28th 2017
Rachel Connell

Today on MorningFile, Rachel chatted with community blogger Sit With She! We discussed the incredible project aimed at helping women in Hamilton connect and embrace their excellence by looking inward and sharing their stories. The project has been growing rapidly and has touched well over the 75 women that she has had a chance to sit and chat with. Although she is choosing to remain anonymous for now, she is empowering women to reflect on their stories over meaningful conversations.

Whether it’s meeting for coffee, going for a walk, baking a cake or any other activity where you feel comfortable connecting, be sure to reach out and chat with this amazing organization. Sit With She is quickly grabbing the attention of the Hamilton community as a safe space to get in touch with not only our community, but also ourselves. The stories shared run off a belief that through our vulnerability and acceptance of ourselves, we can inspire others and come to a realization that we are not alone.

You are invited to come home to yourself;
To your radiance, your ritual, your clarity,
Your power, your purpose, your strength.
To your softness, your adaptability, your acceptance,
Your endurance, and of course;
Your excellence.

The upcoming event happening tonight, Friday April 28th at Soul Sessions is only the beginning for community meet ups with Sit With She. This community of women is so excited for all of the collaborations and projects on the rise, so if you didn’t get a chance to grab tickets to this sold out event, but sure to keep an eye at her blog and social media for upcoming meet ups! You can find Sit With She on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or on her blog! To hear more details, you can check out Rachel’s full interview below.