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Dusk Dances Hamilton

Blog/FavouritesJuly 12th 2023
Sharang Sharma

Come down to Bayfront Park any evening between Thursday, July 20th and Sunday, July 23rd to check out Dusk Dances Hamilton! Dusk Dances is an outdoor dance festival, hosted in cooperation with Hamilton’s HCA Dance Theatre, where professional dancers bring innovative performances to public spaces where anyone can attend, brightening up the days just as dusk arrives. The first Dusk Dance was held all the way back in 1993 in Toronto’s Trinity-Bellwoods Park, marking this festival as the 30th anniversary of Dusk Dances, and the 10th anniversary of Dusk Dances Hamilton. This year is particularly special, as it is the last year under Dusk Dances Founder and Director Sylvie Bouchard’s leadership.  

Sylvie bouchard and the choir in 'moving parts' by d. fujiwara. dusk dances 2019. photo by john lauener (1)

Each day will begin with a dance workshop for any and all to join, led by dancer and choreographer Michael Mortley. After that you’ll be able to enjoy various dance works by acclaimed artists, such as ‘Moving Pieces’ by Denise Fujiwara, ‘Barely Black’ by Kiera Breaugh, and ‘Sisterhood in Circularity’ by Shivani Joshi. You can also look forward to listening to the community choir at this year’s Dusk Dances Hamilton.  

This year’s event is hosted by Lady Di (Diana Reyes) and all the performances are dedicated to the memory of acclaimed Toronto composer and sound designer, Phil Strong. Come by anytime between the 20th and 23rd of July to enjoy this fantastic event!