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"Someone Lives Here," a Tiny Shelter Documentary

Blog/FavouritesJune 19th 2023
Sharang Sharma

In October 2020, during one of the heights of the pandemic lockdown, and as a cold winter approached, Khaleel Seivwright began building small, insulated shelters with signs that stated “Anyone is Welcome.” The project to build “tiny homes,” small, insulated shelters for unhoused people, soon drew international attention. Since then, this project has grown immensely. Just look at HATS (Hamilton Alliance for Tiny Shelters), a grassroots, non-profit that attempts to ease the homelessness crisis in Hamilton by providing warm, safe, temporary homes.  

In fact, HATS is hosting an exclusive premiere screening of the film “Someone Lives Here,” on Tuesday, June 20th from 7:00PM to 9:00PM at the Playhouse Theatre. The movie follows the story of Khaleel, his tiny homes, its residents, and Toronto’s government officials. It is narrated by Taka, a woman living in one of Khaleel’s tiny homes in Alexandra Park in Toronto. It sheds further light on the housing crisis that we can feel both in Toronto and here in Hamilton. It looks to shed light on a battle that reflects and impacts the souls of these cities. Khaleel himself will also be attending the screening and participating in a Q&A afterwards. 

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If you’re interested in checking this out? You can buy tickets right here, and find out more about HATS right here. I'll also be chatting with HATS this Friday on MorningFile, so tune in if you want to hear more about the project!