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Supporting Families at Steps for Life

Blog/FavouritesMay 5th 2023
Sharang Sharma

Did you know that, on average, three Canadian workers die due to workplace hazards and accidents? That, on average, three families’ lives are disrupted by work-related deaths? Steps for Life is a five-kilometer fundraising walk that aims to support the families affected by work-related fatalities, life altering injuries, or occupational diseases. All the money raised goes to Threads for Life (The Association for Workplace Tragedy Family Support), which runs projects training volunteers to guide families through the grieving process, connecting grieving families with each other, and raising awareness around workplace tragedy. 

Steps for Life was created in 2004 and is open for anyone looking to participate. Those who want to take part can sign up on the Steps for Life website and either join as an individual or join a team that is walking. Otherwise, you can also donate from the same website. Joining the walk is also an opportunity to connect with others who have are coping with work-related deaths and injuries.  

Tracey Csordas, the spokesperson for Steps for Life Hamilton, said that Steps for Life helps “raise community awareness of the importance of workplace health and safety and prevent further pain and suffering.” 

The walk will take place on Sunday, May 7th, with registration opening at 10:00AM and opening remarks kicking off the walk at 11:00AM. It will be beginning at The Lakeview, 180 Van Wagners Beach Road, Hamilton, ON.