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Hamilton In Songs

Blog/PromotionFebruary 16th 2022
Mackenzie Robson

Hamilton is a city that is constantly reminding me of music. As my love for music grew naturally, I have found that I associate certain songs with some of the popular places in this city. Sometimes those bands are from Hamilton, but not always.

Hamilton 5145

For example, most people are familiar with Jackson Square, located in downtown Hamilton. When I’m driving by or entering Jackson, I can’t help thinking about Teenage Head’s “Some Kinda Fun.” I have this song pop into my head when passing this building because Teenage Head performed on the rooftop of Jackson Square, which I think is cool. Not many malls have live bands play on the roof, right?


For obvious reasons, the very suburban area most people refer to as “The Meadowlands” in Ancaster reminds me of the song “The Suburbs” by Arcade Fire.

Tim hortons field   main grandstand

Since the Grey Cup, Tim Horton’s Field reminds me of the song “Years in the Making” by the Arkells, which fits perfectly to this set because the band was origins are in Hamilton.

I associate Hutches on the beach with the song “Beach Bummer” by No Vacation and Bayfront Park reminds me of the tune “Sky So Blue” by Hot Flash Heatwave.

The Mountain Brow is always such a pretty location to visit, either cruising in a car or walking down. Either way it’s a beautiful view of the city. The drive around the Brow makes me think of the song “Home to You” by Cate Le Bon.

Img 4726 copy

Lastly, I thought it would be fitting to include something about the Hamilton Skate community. Beasley skate park reminds me of the song “New Flesh” by Current joys.

Please enjoy this playlist with some more tunes that, for different reasons, I associate I with Hamilton.