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In Pod We Trust: Exploring Different Hamilton Podcasts

Blog/PromotionDecember 7th 2021
Justin Shaw

Let’s face it, everyone and their dog has a podcast these days - and, in 2021, how unsurprising would it be if somebody actually produced a podcast with their dog? The accessibility of the medium has given way to countless programming on various platforms. Want a show about the history of gnomes? There’s a podcast for it. Are you afraid of going to the dentist? Yes, there’s a podcast for that.  Are you hungry for a show that features a veteran comedian who once interviewed a former President of the United States in his garage? Yes, that exists too.

In the city of Hamilton, there is no exception to the ingenuity and absurdity that can be invested into building a podcast radio program. Some shows look to entertain, others look to inform, but one thing is for certain: the morning commute to work gets a little less lonely when you have these familiar voices to keep you company.

Friday 420

Formerly on Funny820am, Friday at 420 is a three-headed beast comedy program featuring some of Hamilton’s most notable voices in the comedy community. This forty-minute show features Mike Nabuurs, Patrick Coppolino, Manolis Zontanos, as well as a different guest each week. Nabuurs delivers radio professionalism as host, with Coppolino as a wise-cracking counterpart, while Zontanos serves as the agent of chaos asking questions that are hilariously inappropriate.

The guests on the program are often headlining that same weekend at Levity Comedy Club, or are working on a fun project the show wishes to highlight. To keep the show from being too “boring,” the trio spin a question wheel where they must speak about a ridiculous topic. Sometimes this leads to sharing wild stories, and other times it’s as basic (or humiliating) as taking an on-air spelling test. Wherever the wheel lands, it’s always a gas.

Friday at 420 is available on Apple, Spotify, and with a video version of the program available on their Facebook page. If you like what you hear, you may wish to check out Coppolino, Zontanos, or their guests performing live at Levity Comedy Club.


Have you ever heard a bump in the night when you thought you were alone? Have you ever felt a cold shiver run down your spine when you thought all was calm? Do you find yourself questioning that mass and viscosity of ectoplasm? If you find yourself asking these questions, the Para(normal) podcast may be for you.

Marie Adoranti and Nicolina Savelli have partnered up to create a fun and spooky paranormal-inspired podcast intended to recreate the vibe and experience of sharing ghost stories at a slumber party. Each episode they explore true stories about experiences with what can only be described as paranormal, other-worldly, or downright spooky.

It’s not all scares and shivers - these long-time friends share an unmistakable chemistry that gives way to a fun and engaging listening experience even when discussing the most chilling of ghost stories.

Para(normal) is part of the Sonar Network, a podcast network service dedicated to alternative and comedic radio programming.

I heart hamilton

“Be a tourist in your own city” is the mantra that is the driving force behind the I Heart Hamilton radio program. Hosted by series creator Kristen Archer, this program is about highlighting the understated excellence that exists within everyday Hamilton. Exploring music, art, culture, food, comedy, and the work of small businesses, Archer’s program is all about rooting for the underdog.

Each episode features Archer discussing a particular aspect about Hamilton, often with a guest discussing their relationship with the city. Some notable recent episodes include the resurgence of Staircase Theatre, and the new Hamilton-inspired TV series This Is The Thing. Mixed with her own curation of music, Archer keeps her program equal parts engaging and informative. While the CFMU backlog only allows access to the eight most recent episodes, that is all the more reason to tune in on a regular basis every Friday at 2:00pm on CFMU.

This program originally began as a blog in 2011, and then evolved in a radio program in 2013. After 8 years of quality programming, I Heart Hamilton is still going strong and remains a pillar of CFMU’s community programming.