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Beasley Skatepark: The Heart of Hamilton's Skate Community

Blog/PromotionJuly 21st 2021
Mackenzie Robson

Beasley Skatepark

The heart of the Hamilton skate community resides at Beasley Skatepark, located on the corner of Wilson Street and Mary Street, in downtown Hamilton. Established in the late 70s, with nothing but a small bowl and quarter pipe, Beasley Skatepark has grown over the last several years into a home base for the Hamilton skate community. 

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The open concept of the park creates an environment where all ages and skill levels are welcome to practice and the social environment surrounding the park provides a feeling of community. In my experience at Beasley, I have always found it an inclusive, non-judgemental, relaxed, and fun environment to hang out in. Whether you’re skating, biking, scooting, rollerblading, or just hanging out, all are welcome to join.

Skate culture has always been ahead of its time

In my opinion, skate culture has always been ahead of its time. With several of different fashion trends originating from the skate community, such as the notorious Dickie’s pants, fashion has been greatly impacted by skaters. It's safe to say my music taste has also been greatly influenced by the music I hear at Beasley. Bands such as Current Joys and The Growlers can often be heard, making Beasley a great place to get some musical influence. Often, kids will bring speakers to the park for all to enjoy and it's fair to say my playlist has expanded since hanging out at Beasley.

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Beasley skate park and the community surrounding it are a great representation of the inclusivity and community in Hamilton, Ontario. Beasley is more than just a skate park, it's a place for people to feel included and indulge in the music, fashion, sport, and enviroment of the skate community.