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We're Hiring: Local Bloggers / Writers

Blog/PromotionApril 20th 2021
Jamie Tennant

CFMU is looking for bloggers!

The blog at cfmu.ca serves the communities of Hamilton and McMaster University, but it’s read around the world. We are looking for great writers with decent photography skills as well. We’re looking for pieces 500-750 words (1000 maximum) along with pictures when possible (ideally 2/3 per post). Strong, concise writing is a must!

While we can occasionally assign topics, we usually ask bloggers to pitch us ideas. We're thinking along these lines:

1. Activities and/or initiatives happening in the Hamilton area.
    (Profiling and promotion of any events that have a connection to our mandate)

2. Series issues/concerns affecting our community (interviews, in-depth analysis etc.
    Here are some examples we've done in the past:
    Declinisim in Decline

    Food Banks in the City of Hamilton to Donate to Today

    Black Lives Matter: Understanding the Terms Behind the Movement

3. Personal blog post (that would be of interest to our readers).
Some examples:
     My New Hobby: Cooking from Home During COVID-19

     Experiencing a Global Pandemic as an International Student 

2. Music/art blog post (with a focus on local talent).
    Some examples:
    New Book Releases from Local Hamilton Authors

    What I Want to Tell the World: Kojo "Easy" Damptey

Basically, anything you think would be helpful/interesting to our audience.

CFMU 93.3 is community radio. We are a public meeting place for many voiceless dimensions in our society - local cutting-edge artists and musicians, marginalized groups, multicultural families, and people with a keen social conscience. Our broadcasts stand independent of corporations, sponsors, advertisers, and political agendas. CFMU is comfortable with risky subjects that need attention - leadership in today’s issues and tomorrow’s art is our job.

Please do not send us finished blogs in hopes that we will publish, as we may not! Contact us and we will discuss the possibilities, payment and other details.

CFMU reserves the right to final editorial control and all publishing decisions.

If you're interested, please query CFMU Program Director Jamie Tennant at jtennant@msu.mcmaster.ca along with a sample of your work.