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Now Hiring: CFMU Music Director

Blog/PromotionFebruary 8th 2021
Erica Commisso

CFMU is currently looking for a new Music Director as our current Music Director, Erica Commisso is graduating this year. Over the last few years Erica has made a significant impact in our music department and we will be sad to see her go. Below is what Erica had to say about her time as CFMU Music Director. 

My time as Music Director at CFMU has exceeded anything I could have ever imagined! Over the last (almost) two years, I have been able to connect with musicians, artists and community members across Hamilton and the GTA to talk about everything that is music and the arts. Working with an extremely supportive, hands-on, and collaborative team, I have been given opportunities to try new things and see my ideas come to life. Projects like Steel Jams and Single of the Week would not have taken flight without the encouragement of such amazing staff and volunteers that I now get to call my friends.

Additionally, I was able to jump into already existing opportunities like concert coverage blogging and Artist Sketch; not only did this give me project management experience, but equipped me with skills in interviewing, conducting industry research, and knowledge in putting communications in practice. Having awesome support also allowed me to try things I’ve never done before, like concert photography. One of the most enticing parts of the position? Filming Top 5 every week. Not only did this allow me to talk about whats been circulating on our charts, but it also gave me the room to showcase my personality, get comfortable on camera and have ample footage to showcase for future job opportunities (hello demo reel!).

Top 5 by Erica Commisso for the week of February 14, 2020

As much as I am incredibly sad to be leaving CFMU, I am so grateful for the perfect balance between work and play that this position has granted me. Being able to creatively explore so many avenues within radio broadcasting and the music industry was truly a gift! If you’re looking for an experience as incredible as this, this job is for you! I’m so excited to see what you can do.

If you are a McMaster University student interested in applying for the position of CFMU Music Director, or to see the full job description click here

Applications close on February 20, 2021.