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Blog/PromotionJanuary 26th 2021
Emma McCarty

The Sound of Shadows


The Sound of Shadows is a weekly dive into everything horror, from music and film, to history and literature. Viewers can expect music from all genres as well as a scary tale, handpicked by host John Hill. Take a look into the darker side of audio with The Sound of Shadows.

Listen to The Sound of Shadows here. 

Freshly Chilled


Freshly Chilled host Wynette Wong is a second year student and a huge EDM fan. The hour long program which features chill and pop-like EDM music is the perfect way to relax. The programs' main focus is music but Wong also discusses the recent rise in popularity of EDM music. Songs by Kygo, Sam Feldt and Lost Kings are all music you can expect to hear on Freshly Chilled.

Listen to Freshly Chilled here

Cover Your Ears


Cover Your Ears with host Arber Isai dives into song covers and the origins behind them. The show plays famous covers of unknown songs as well as interesting covers of famous songs back to back to hear what each artist has done with the song, the arrangements they’ve made and how they have made the song their own. Artists you will hear on the program range from The Beatles, to Elvis Presley, to Yo La Tengo.

Listen to Cover Your Ears here

Irrational Me


Irrational Me is a half an hour spoken word program that explores human behaviour. Each week host William Zhang tackles topics that range from well known psychological tips to lesser known concepts like recency bias and loss aversion. Zhang explores how these concepts affect our daily lives and furthermore how we can use this information to our advantage.

Listen to Irrational Me here

Blended Radio


Blended Radio explores the continuous innovation of music and how it is created by artists through different sounds, styles and samples. Hosts Nicole Areias and Ahmed Attia believe that unlike music from the past, today’s music styles are blending together. Their program focuses on music that inhabits a grey zone where traditional music categories disappear, exploring music from artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Headie One and more!

Listen to Blended Radio here