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Chart Climbers: Dizzy on their latest release - CFMU Picks

Blog/MusicSeptember 30th 2019
Natalie Clark

If I could choose one artist or band that I’ve truly fallen in love with while writing CFMU Picks, I would choose the band Dizzy without hesitation. For my first ever CFMU Picks article, I reviewed their breakthrough album, “Baby Teeth.” Their unique, calming sound has completely overhauled my music library and made me reconsider my favourite types of music.  

Fast forward a couple months, and not only has my blog series developed, but so has Dizzy. Recently, they’ve released a small album featuring two new songs, with some remixes and variations included. With only two tracks on the album, Dizzy was able to give those two songs their all.

“Keeping the EP down to two host tracks allowed us to focus all of our energy into making ‘Heavy’ and ‘Twist’ the best they could be, while the remixes and acoustic version allowed us to experiment with hearing different sonic routes that we wouldn’t have otherwise realized,” says lead vocalist Katie Munshaw.

LISTEN: Heavy/Twist, the latest release by the band Dizzy

The song “Twist” has a more energetic tone to it, while “Heavy” has a slower, more thoughtful feel. The song means a lot more to Munshaw than many believe.

“Heavy is special because it’s the first time I’ve ever written so directly about my own mental health…It’s about the period of time shortly after Baby Teeth was released where I felt incredibly sad and vulnerable,” she says. “Being a musician -or just being human, maybe - can incite feelings of self-doubt or self-hatred, and I just wasn’t used to that way of thinking about myself.”

I think Munshaw’s lyrics speak truths relatable to many young adults on campus. “Heavy”, especially, a song that captures these feelings of self-doubt and self-hatred and allows us to reflect on what we’re truly feeling.

Out of the two songs, “Twist” really attracted me. The lyrics are catchy, and the beat is steady and immaculate. Dizzy is able to offer up a fresh-sounding track while still maintaining that classic “Dizzy” character.

WATCH: Dizzy's official music video for "Twist"

I asked Munshaw about the peculiar design for the cover art they had chosen. What was the inspiration behind such a unique design?

“I was really inspired by old sci-fi comics that I found at a Value Village…I knew straight away that I wanted the Heavy artwork to be of a head, and then it just so happened that Twist ended up having a lot of ‘heart’ imagery in the lyrics,” says Munshaw.

It could be said, then, that “the head and the heart” is the main motif for the “Heavy/Twist” cover artwork. This eternal contrast is also, in my opinion, what makes the album itself so compelling.

Natalie Clark is a 2nd year Political Science and Communications major. A fan of all types of music, she writes music-related articles for CFMU as well as weekly articles for the News and Arts & Culture sections of The Silhouette.