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What is the Global Citizenship Collective?

Blog/NewsFebruary 14th 2017
Tumi Adegoroye

McMaster Global Citizenship Collective (GCC) is an OPIRG working group. They focus on increasing social justice awareness and some environmental issues on campus. This group also provides tools, workshops and resources for their members, encouraging them to go out to the Hamilton community and engage in forms of activism they find important to them.

Mollie Sivaram, the co-head of GCC, and Rayan Harmouche, a member of the working group, both explained how the GCC conferences in the past inspired them to join this organization. The fact that the group is interested in social justice inspired them to be part of this group. Mollie and Rayan both talked about their upcoming video competition, where individuals can submit a 1-2 minute video, pitching a story that is news worthy. It could be a topic they're passionate about, an interesting story or an issue that's prevalent in society today. They explained that the aim of this video competition is to get individuals engaged in things they are passionate about. Mollie explained, “I think it is important to make sure the stories, voices and opinions of young individuals are heard in the Hamilton media”.

Submissions have opened and the deadline for the video competition is March 17th. Interested in submitting a video? Check out the full details on their Facebook event page!

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