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About Romance and Sex in Music: Cigarettes After Sex - CFMU Artist Sketch

Blog/MusicMarch 20th 2019
Brian Zheng

"You know, sex and romance are intermingled for me, why aren't we able to talk about sex so openly in songs and why is it avoided so much."

This week is a special video version of our Artist Sketch series. We feature our chat with ambient pop group Cigarettes After Sex's Greg Gonzalez.

We've actually been holding on to this interview since our coverage of Osheaga 2018 back in August. It took us this long to release it, because honestly, we didn't know how we wanted to.

My conversation with Greg was so open and candid, and took place during a beautiful sunset in the summer of Montreal. We touched upon issues of sex, the inspirations of film, to even university life.

I certainly hope you enjoy this piece.


Brian Zheng

WATCH: Our chat with Greg Gonzalez of Cigarettes After Sex and how he sees sex and romance fitting together.