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Welcome Week 2018: Everything you need to know

Blog/NewsAugust 27th 2018
Brian Zheng

It's Welcome Week 2018!

Welcome Week photos, recaps, and interviews updated daily.

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About CFMU

On air 1978

1963 - CFMU started out as McMaster Radio in 1963 and was run by the BSB (Board of Student Broadcasting.) The studios were in the basement of Wentworth House.

January 1978 - CFMU began to broadcast to Hamilton and the surrounding community on the FM band. Since then, we have been voice of the campus and the community, a breeding ground for new talent, and a vital medium for relating ideas, news and views.

​CFMU 93.3 is “Redefining Radio In Your Community.” We use that phrase because it re-enforces our broad relevance and reflects a revitalized commitment to our mandate. We are a public meeting place for many voiceless dimensions in our society - local cutting-edge artists and musicians, marginalized groups, multicultural families, and people with a keen social conscience.

Our broadcasts stand independent of corporations, sponsors, advertisers, and political agendas.

CFMU is comfortable with risky subjects that need attention - leadership in today’s issues and tomorrow’s art is our job. CFMU is listener-supported radio - supported by those who recognize that diversity and local programming are more crucial than ever. Yet we are more; we are also supported by those who utilize us and their community voice. Without the support of the community we serve, we will not be able to provide that community with a voice, truly the only open and independent voice in the city.

A stronger CFMU is a stronger voice for all of us.

Welcome Week Overview

Get to know your MSU President Ikram Farah on our special 60 Seconds

Move-in Day

Love research? McMaster professor Dr. Fiona Mcneill's show, STEMINISTAS, is a show where women scientists talk to women scientists about their research, about education and about their lives.

Welcome Week: Monday 

Stay updated with all the spicy MSU and McMaster Gossip on our show MSU & YOU

Welcome Week: Tuesday

Learn about Safer Gigs, a Hamilton based organization, that helps reduce the risk of harm in our music communities. Their goal is to stop overdose and sexual assault before it happens.

Welcome Week: Wednesday

Leaders of the school, who are the Maroons? Learn here.

Welcome Week: Thursday

Condoms, sexual health, sexuality. Learn about the MSU's Student Health Education Centre.

Welcome Week Gallery

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Move-in Day


MacWelcome, MacConnector, & Monday Night Lights

WW2018 MacConnector, MacWelcome, Monday Night Lights

Faculty Fest and Headphone Disco

WW2018: Tuesday

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