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Speqtrum: Creating Community

Blog/NewsJuly 27th 2018
Kyle West

Speqtrum is a youth-funded, youth-run and youth-focused community building program for young queer and trans individuals in the Hamilton and Hamilton area. Speqtrum specifically looks to build and provide a space for the queer and trans community from the ages of 17-29. They hope to help shape a inclusive and diverse community.

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While Speqtrum is mainly a youth focused service it also looks to extend their programming to other generations and peers to create a more inclusive LGBTQ2SIA+ area. There is a lack of programming and services within the Hamilton for the LGBTQ2SIA+ community and expanding their offerings to outside the age range of 17-29 allows for other marginalized communities to have access to quality services.

Some of the services that Speqtrum provides range from activities based on fitness and health, social sessions to meet like minded people and soon they will be hosting skill based workshops. Speqtrum is also always looking for service providers, elders, peers and allies who have valuable skills, support or collaboration in order to better provide services to the Hamilton LGBTQ2SIA+ communities.

Speqtrum commits to accountability, accessibility, equity based and anti-oppressive services. The Speqtrum office is at YWCA Hamilton 75 MacNab Street South Hamilton, ON L8P 3C1 and they can be reached at info@speqtrum.ca or on twitter, facebook and instagram.

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Photos courtesy of Speqtrum and Kyle West Photography