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5 Canadian Heavy Hitters to Check Out at Osheaga

Blog/MusicJuly 25th 2018
Kyle West
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Osheaga has become a staple within the Canadian and North American festival scene with countless big artists coming through every year. The headliners this year are Travis Scott, The Arctic Monkeys and Florence + The Machine. Osheaga also has some of the best emerging artists in Canada such as Essaie Pas, Milk & Bone, and Birds of Bellwoods to name a few. I will be outlining some of the top Canadian artists you should be looking out for on the weekend of August 3-5 at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal.

Essaie Pas

Essaie Pas is an electronic and dance duo from Montreal, Quebec. Their newest EP New Path leads the couple into a new direction delving deep into the themes of loss, addiction and identity. Being heavily inspired by Phillip K. Dick’s A Scanner Darkly Essaie Pas matches the dystopian nature and feel of this legendary sci-fi novel.

Essaie pas

This album is more experimental than the previous ones put out by the group and sees them growing as artists. Their ability to create the light and the dark within their music sets them apart from other artists in this genre. One thing that certainly sets them apart is not just the music itself but its production considering the album was recorded within an abandoned office building. At the very least, that fact alone should peak the intrigue of anyone and makes the duo worth checking out.

Essaie Pas will be playing on Friday , August 3 from 4:55-5:40 pm on Scène des Arbres at Osheaga.

Milk & Bone

Another Montreal based duo will be taking the Osheaga stage by storm as Milk & Bone set to show festival goers their heartfelt and dreamy music. Milk & Bone has taken off with their strong sophomore album Deception Bay, a 14 track melodic journey.

Milk   bone

What started as a project without any expectations between two friends ended up becoming the powerhouse duo Milk & Bone. They were quickly welcomed within the electropop community because of their meaningful lyricism and strong production work. Their music is nothing less than emotionally raw as it can pull on your heartstrings one song then make you smile uncontrollably with the next. This makes them a stand out in a crowd of surfacing acts from Montreal and a must see at Osheaga.

Milk & Bone will be playing Friday, August 3 2:30 pm-4:00 pm at La Serre Perrier and Saturday, August 4 3:20 pm-4:05 pm at Scène de la Vallée House of Vans.

Bedouin Soundclash

Bedouin Soundclash was founded in 2001 and is based out of Toronto. The reggae and ska band have been prevalent within the Canadian music scene for almost two decades and are returning to the forefront with the recent release of their single Salt Water. The single takes the band in a new direction while also staying true to their original sound which garnered them their success.

Bedouin soundclash

The band will be a definite hit at Osheaga and their live shows is not one you will want to miss. Their experience with putting on a show will definitely lead to an exciting performance.

They will be taking the stage on Saturday, August 4 2:05 pm-2:40 pm on Scène de la Montagne Coors Light.

John Jacob Magistery

Montreal’s John Jacob Magistery is hard to put into one category as they regularly experiment with multiple genres from rock, soul, hip-hop, folk and alternative styles of music. This mix of music, while it might seem eclectic, actually leads to an interesting musical experience not like many other bands currently touring.

John jacob magistery

JJM has been heralded for their energetic and charming live shows driven by the large personality of their lead singer. While interesting sonically and as performers JJM also address political issues and the political subtext of North America through their music leaving a thought provoking impression on the listener.

John Jacob Magistery will be playing Saturday, August 4 at 1:30 pm-2:05 pm on Scène Verte Banque Nationale.

Birds of Bellwoods

Birds of Bellwoods is a rising band out of Toronto. Their first EP “The Fifth” won them an Independence Music Award and featured on CBC, Indie88, 102.1 The Edge, and more. With their debut album “Victoria” on the way, Birds of Bellwoods looks to impress the Osheaga crowd to get them ready for their new release.

Birds of bellwoods

Birds of Bellwoods has opened for Canadian Indie all stars such as the Arkells and Wintersleep giving them experience with putting on a good show. They have been heralded for their high energy, emotive lyrics and catchy hooks. They are a must see for any indie fans looking to find their new favourite band or anyone looking to discover a fresh face in the Canadian indie scene.

Birds of Bellwoods will be playing Friday, August 3 1:00 pm-1:30 pm on Scène de la Vallée House of Vans.

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Photos courtesy of Osheaga & Susan Moss

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