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Spaces for Youth: NGen Youth Centre

Blog/NewsJuly 24th 2018
Brian Zheng

There isn’t always space for everyone.

Community spaces for marginalized individuals are incredibly limited, particularly for young people in Hamilton. This becomes a problem when, for some, even home isn’t a safe space for them.

NGen Youth Centre, which stands for New Generation Youth Centre, seeks to tackle this problem by creating an inclusive and positive space for young people to thrive. They encourage empowerment and development through a number of programs that they offer such as: Kaleidoscope or Steel Express. Kaleidoscope is a LGBTQ* youth circle that provides a safe and positive space for participants to have causal conversation, check-in with peers and have some snacks. Steel Express, is an open session dance/movement program for many different dance styles. These programs provide a variety of different ways youth can engage and feel included in the space. All of their programs can be found here.

Photographs from NGen

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The organization was inspired after the closing of “The Globe” in December 2010, a newcomer youth center, leaving many young people in the city without a space. As a result, groups of youth began meeting in libraries and food courts, when finally a space opened up for them at the New Vision United Church.

NGen, is a home to many youth and gives a space for individuals who often may not feel accepted in other places.

The space is located at 24 Main Street West (beside the MacNab terminal) and runs 
Wednesday - Friday from 3:00pm – 9:00pm.

If you would like to support NGen you can donate here, and you can contact or find out more information about NGen on their website.

This is in collaboration with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Hamilton.

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Check out a show created by NGEN called Revolutionary Lives!  A Youthled radio show that is bringing about revolutionary ways to change our system of Mental Health while also looking at revolutionary ways to improve our Mental Wellbeing through Interviews, spoken word poetry, policy discussion, youth leadership recognition & radiodramas.

Hamilton Youth Poets is a youth based organization featuring poetry and art from young artists across Hamilton. Read more here.