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CFMU Spotlight: Hostile Airwaves

Blog/PromotionJanuary 20th 2017
Sarthak Matravadia

As Hamilton comes to life on Friday nights from 8pm to 9pm, there are plenty of music options to accompany the evening’s activities. Electronic music enthusiasts across the city habitually tune their radios to 93.3 CFMU. At 8pm, their Friday night soundtrack starts with Hostile Airwaves. Hosts Devin Bass, DJ Double D, and Kevin Kartwell navigate their listeners through the very best of house, drum & bass, jungle, and techno. Listeners will hear a new artist, a favourite record, or perhaps a soon-to-be released track, soon to become a favourite, too.

Hostile Airwaves first aired in 2002, as Devin Bass and DJ Double D served up a focused musical menu of drum & bass and jungle. Over the years, their show has welcomed many revered DJs including Capital J, Crissy Criss, Ryan Rukus, Marcus Visionary, and Freaky Flow. After 15 years, the show and its hosts continue their unwavering passion for delivering quality content, and the show is cemented in the heart of CFMU’s Friday night lineup.

In the true spirit of community radio, Devin Bass and DJ Double D have continually strived to showcase the homegrown talents from Hamilton’s electronic music scene. In December 2015, Hostile Airwaves welcomed Kevin Kartwell as their newest host, following several guest appearances from the rising Hamiltonian DJ and producer. Kevin has since injected musical diversity into show’s catalogue with his creative energy and fresh sound. Indeed, 2016’s offerings expanded to include house and techno varietals, with a spotlight on local DJs like Osito, Rekoncile, Mike Conradi, Tommy Outlaw, and Hyland & Kavai.       

As 2017 kicks off, the show already has penned in special guest appearances in anticipation of a breakthrough year for the Hamilton electronic music scene. DJs and producers interested in featuring their content and mixes on Hostile Airwaves are encouraged to correspond with Kevin Kartwell (see contact info below).

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