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Neighbour 2 Neighbour: Helping Those Next Door

Blog/NewsJuly 12th 2018
Kyle West

Over the past 30 years, Neighbour 2 Neighbour has transformed from a small food bank to a team of dedicated staff and volunteers.

Neighbour 2 Neighbour helps meet the issue of food insecurity and quality of life. They do this by offering access to tutoring programs, community kitchen programs, utility subsidy programs, family counselling, emergency food access and a host of other interventions to empower the Hamilton community.

Neighbour 2 Neighbour is a multi-service agency located on Hamilton Mountain.

N2N seeks to “Lead our community to an improved quality of life”. This vision has lead to Neighbour 2 Neighbour to change local community from the ground up.

Furthermore, their food program has had many accomplishments. They provide a free grocery store which helps 1200 families a month, their christmas program helps approximately 1600 families put food on the table and presents under the tree, and a home delivery program which is available for those with serious physical impairments.

Those are just some of the services which are provided to help families within the Hamilton community. They also offer family and educational support, which aids in educating youth and women about financial literacy and health services.

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Neighbour 2 Neighbour provides important services and looks to aid the less fortunate in getting ahead in life. They provide services which would otherwise not be available and fill a gap in services.  While providing services for those already within the community of Hamilton, Neighbour 2 Neighbour also offers services for new immigrants. Neighbour 2 Neighbour can connect newcomers to community services on their behalf as well as they can connect you with any number of translators.

These services allow for Neighbour 2 Neighbour to provide a comprehensive program to help with all facets of life.

Neighbour 2 Neighbour is always looking for good volunteers.

Find out more about Neighbour 2 Neighbour and how you could get involved at: http://www.n2ncentre.com/

Listen here to the interview with N2N:

All images are courtesy of Neighbour 2 Neighbour

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