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Couple helps flourish Hamilton gaming community: Hamilton Game Swap

Blog/NewsJune 5th 2018
Kyle West

Banner image courtesy of  JE Shoots

The Hamilton Game Swap is an annual event held by vintage and modern gamers alike. The event will be held on June 9th, at the The First Unitarian Church of Hamilton, 170 Dundurn St S, Hamilton, ON, and goes from 12-3pm. The event gives the opportunity to buy, sell and trade games for systems ranging from the Sega Dreamcast to Playstation 4.

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Poster courtesy of Hamilton Game Swap

This is the 3rd annual swap in Hamilton and the founders don’t intend on stopping anytime soon.  Admission is free and attendees will be allowed to shop from a wide selection of products. Founders Ken and Lydia attributes the yearly success to the community support of this gamer “haven”. The booths set up by independent sellers can range from vintage classics such as Nintendo 64 to brand new games from this year still in their factory sealing. Whether you’re looking for a dose of nostalgia or the shiniest toys released in gaming, the game swap has you covered.

If video games aren’t your thing they have options for you too. Not only electronics are being sold at the swap, but board games as well. The event also has alternatives to buying, selling or trading your games. They have a chill zone where you can hangout and talk with other event visitors and even a section for baked goods and food! One of the events main goals, as stated by the events organizers Ken and Lydia, is to create a community for gamers.

Video courtesy of Hamilton Game Swap​

While the events mainstay is the buying, selling, and trading aspect the event also strives to serve as a platform for building a gaming community in Hamilton. The event allows for gamers to chat with one another and meet other community members who have the same interests as them.

The Hamilton Game Swap wants to make your collection and your connections flourish.

Full Interview with Ken and Lydia, founders of Hamilton Game Swap, below.

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