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Mary McCaffery and Winnie Leung Discuss The Speakeasy Program

Blog/NewsJanuary 19th 2017
Tumi Adegoroye

What is the SpeakEasy Program?

The Student Success Centre at McMaster University runs the Speakeasy Program, where they provide services to EAL (English-as-an-Additional-Language) speakers in order to improve their verbal and written English skills. Such a service is important at McMaster and in Hamilton because there are several students who speak English as a second or third language. Therefore, presenting this opportunity to recieve assistance is super beneficial!

A few days ago, Winnie Leung, the SSL (Student Success Leader) for the Speakeasy program as well as Mary McCaffery, the Speakeasy program supervisor, sat down with Tumi Adegoroye for an interview at the CFMU studio. They both shed light on what the program is all about and the importance of having such a program at McMaster University.

They both touched on how to volunteer and become a Speakeasy mentor. Mentors usually meet with their (EAL) paired partner once a week and assist with various things including learning about idioms and how to write a good thesis statement for your essay. Mary McCaffery talked about how most speakeasy mentors and their partners stay friends even after the program is over. Sound like something that interests you? To become a mentor, check for postings on OscarPlus

The Speakeasy program does have workshops, writing series, conversation circles and speakeasy socials which includes “Date with Speakeasy” and “Year-End Celebration”. Mary and Winnie explain how valuable these events are, as they could help people socialize, increase their confidence and learn about Canadian culture.

These two leaders both encourage students to join the speakeasy program, remove fear and take advantage of this service because you are always welcome. The speakeasy office is located at the Mills library 213D/E in McMaster University. For more information, email spkeasy@mcmaster.ca

Also, be sure to check out our full MorningFile interview below!

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