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Art, Hamilton & the Mayor: Interview w/ Fred Eisenberger

Blog/NewsMay 10th 2018
Brian Zheng

City Hall’s front court has been completely illuminated by the new Hamilton sign. Unveiled at a special ceremony at the beginning of this month, hundreds of people crowded around the illuminated sign for a picture.

The $300 000 Hamilton Sign project was fundraised by twelve private companies, organizations and families. In addition, the sign itself was designed by Mike Kukucska, from Hamilton Scenic Specialty Inc. The intention was to have this sign to be revealed for Canada 150, but was delayed.

“Art has been the motivating factor to drive new innovation in Hamilton. Period.” Fred Eisenberger, Mayor of Hamilton

60s interview with Mayor Fred Eisenberger

“It has really become a landmark in our city,” Fred Eisenberger, Mayor of the City of Hamilton in a CFMU interview. Mayor Eisenberger explains that this is a chance for different people around the city to really mark where they are. If people are coming to the First Ontario Centre or graduates from McMaster University, they’ll be swarming around the sign to get a picture.

The piece really is a testament to the importance of arts and public art within Hamilton. “Art has been the motivating factor to drive new innovation in Hamilton. Period.” Says the Mayor, explaining how much art has been an influence in the development and revitalization of the city.

Our full interview with the mayor can be found below.

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