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McMaster Students Vote For A New Union President

Blog/NewsJanuary 15th 2018
Rachel Connell

It's that time of year! When January rolls around on McMaster's campus, the student centre begins to fill up with balloons, coloured table clothes and lots... and lots... of posters. What's the deal with that? It's elections time!

This year there are 7 candidates in the running for the job of big boss in the McMaster's Students Union, MSU President. Additionally, there is also a referendum regarding OPIRG and SRA seats available.  

Meet Kirstin: https://www.thesil.ca/kirstin-webb-overview

Meet Rabeena: https://www.thesil.ca/rabeena-obaidullah-overview 

Meet Connor: https://www.thesil.ca/connor-wong-overview

Meet Muhammed: https://www.thesil.ca/muhammed-aydin-overview

Meet Ikram: https://www.thesil.ca/ikram-farah-overview

Meet Kyle: https://www.thesil.ca/kyle-pinheiro-overview

Meet Lindsay: https://www.thesil.ca/lindsay-dsouza-overview

The Sil has given a detailed outline for each candidate's main platform points. This year there's a bit of overlap in interests, as expected, but there's also some great ideas that could change the way student life functions here at McMaster. Do you see something you agree with or do you see something you disagree with? Be sure to let the candidates know, and ask them questions! Students and community members are encouraged to get involved in the conversation. MSU Presidential and Referendum voting happens online January 23rd to 25th, closing at 5pm. For more information please visit msumcmaster.ca/elections

This year's referendum involves OPIRG which is a McMaster chapter aiming to empower students and community in exchanging ideas and taking action on diverse social justice and environmental issues.  They hope to engage, inspire, and empower all to achieve positive change through grassroots initiatives, but their funding is at question. Currently full-time McMaster students pay a refundable levy of $8.07 from their student fees. To learn more about the value of OPIRG at McMaster, head to their website here.

In regard to the SRA by-election, below are the candidates. Voting for SRA will take place January 17th and 18th closing at 5pm. 

Josh Arbess
Liam Sykes

Ally Amos
Kenzie Shin

Sergio Raez Villanueva (Acclaimed)

Featured image courtesy of The Silhouette.