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A Look Back on 2017 at CFMU

Blog/NewsJanuary 3rd 2018
Rachel Connell

Although we're a little late to the game, it didn't feel right to leap forward in 2018 until we've had a chance to look back on all of our incredible accomplishements this past year! CFMU has come a long way, and been through some pretty noteworthy changes in 2017. With our newly designed website and logo, rebrand, video content, station renovations, high quality blogs and some of the best radio programming in the country, we're prouder than ever to be a part of Hamilton! 

Here's a look back at some of our favourite moments.


CFMU was excited to welcome 2017's MSU President, Chukky Ibe with his bright smile and enthusiasm to help us accomplish all of our goals for the station this year. He was later joined by our fantastic Board of Directors and together, they make an unbeatable quartet!

Full board of directors group photo banner 04


We continued with a new weekly video series called the Top 5 which often featured #HamOnt bands, branched out with our radio content, allowing more voices to share their stories on-air, and published some great blogging content (including tips on how to buy a turntable!) 


March was the launch of our stunning new website which has become a host platform to a variety of multimedia content like video, blogging, podcasting, radio programming, social media and more (thanks Parallel!) We also saw Illitry perform at McMaster's LIVELab and held our annual fundraiser with a rad show at This Aint Hollywood headlining SIANspheric



Frequency launched with episodes featuring our Hip Hop show featuring Mook and John P as well as two amazing female DJs, Kristin Archer and Alysha Main who host I Heart Hamilton and Put A Record On. We also published an episode of Full Focus featuring local shop, White Elephant!


We published another episode of Full Focus with Big B Comics and launched our very first episode of Sound + Silence! As always, May was a month of transition for staff and new shows coming to the station for the summer. We had a lot of fresh faces welcomed through our doors for training both on the mic and behind-the-scenes.


It definitely started to feel like summer with our annual Live to Air in Gore Park with Kristin from I Heart Hamilton! 


July was full of festivals with our media coverage of Field Trip and Wayhome. We also launched our new merchandise including T-Shirts and did a fun rendition of a HAIM music video! 

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This month was full of guest blogs and we brought back our Battle of the Retro Charts contests! We launched a Full Focus we're very proud of with Merit Brewing.


With the students back, it was a very busy month! We kept everyone updated with memories, photos, videos and more throughout Welcome Week while being on the ground at events welcoming first year students. We had a great time interviewing Post Malone too! We had a great booth in the student centre and gained a lot of interest in volunteers while gushing to everyone what we're all about! This month we also filmed some fun pop up clips with local Hamilton bands in the community and kicked off our Sports Director Ben's show "Marauder Morning" with a Mac Football Interview. September means Supercrawl and we had an amazing time doing interviews and broadcasting live from the AGH Annex right in the heart of James St N. 


This month we launched our favourite series of the year, Modern Spin. These videos featured local Hamilton artists, covering local classic tunes in local studios; it doesn't get any more #HamOnt! We also celebrated Homecoming with interviews with the Strumbellas and Said the Whale. 


In November, we highlighted many of our shows and their amazing podcasted content, published more sweet blog content and re-vamped our 60 Second series! We had a great interview with Steve Watts from the Bay Area Restoration Council (BARC), and interviewed David Suzuki as well!


December we finally got to relax and take some vacation! But that didn't stop us from sharing updates, new shows, sports summaries and holiday guides. We couldn't keep quiet about all the incredible work that's been accomplished together this year at 93.3 and we're so excited for what's to come in 2018. Take a look at our top 9 Instagram posts, and stay tuned to help us celebrate 40 years on January 13th! 

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