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Pinterestmas with Andrea Pohlmann

Blog/NewsDecember 21st 2017
Rachel Connell

Whether you dread the cold or are dreaming of a white Christmas, it can be impossible to get the holidays off your mind. This morning on #MorningFile we chat with Andrea Pohlmann about some amazing Pinterest tips to help take a bit of the stress off approaching this season. We discuss how to DIY your entire holiday season from recipes to make up to homemade gifts and as Andrea says herself, gifts are always more meaningful when you’ve had a hand in making them. Try your best to add your special touch to as many presents as you can this winter and let us know your favourite holiday traditions or tried successes (you can tweet the Pinterest-fails at us too.. @933CFMU). For the items we talked about on today’s show hit up Andrea’s carefully curated Pinterestmas board here: https://pin.it/tnwdsrviazhwmw

Results of our polls around 10:00am after the show!

  • Gingerbread (13%) vs. Cinnamon Buns (87%)
  • Cook Yourself (63%) vs. Buy for the Potluck (37%)
  • Dress to Impress (0%) vs. PJs All Day (100%)
  • Gore Park Tree Lighting (50%) vs. CP Holiday Train (50%)
  • Mulled Wine (56%) vs. Spiked Egg Nog (44%)
  • Amazon (25%) vs. Shop Local (75%)

Also honourable mention to Andrea’s lovely sequins top! You can grab one for yourself at CF Limeridge or online at Torrid! You can hear our full interview with Andrea below.

Thank you all for listening to an amazing year of #MorningFile, we’ll be back in 2018 with more interviews, tunes, guests and more! Send me your ideas for what you’d like to hear in the new year online with the hashtag #CFMU_MorningFile. Happy Holidays!