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In Fine Feather’s Helena and Mindfulness

Blog/NewsDecember 21st 2017
Rachel Connell

Staying calm throughout what’s supposed to be a “holiday season” can be extremely daunting. With shopping, cooking, cleaning, hosting, visiting, travelling and many other stressors on your mind; our bodies and minds can suffer. Helena, founder of In Fine Feather Yoga on Ottawa Street joined us on this morning’s show to share some of her most successful tips for staying present this holiday. She shares advice on what to do when you can’t get out to a yoga class or spare a lot of free time, as well as what her studio’s schedule will be like over the holidays. In January, In Fine Feather is setting goals with a stacked workshop sure to help you start the new year off on the right foot, you can sign up for that workshop here.

Helena shares some must-hear words of wisdom and her personal mantra with us all to help us enjoy and bring joy the season. You can hear our full interview below, or book a class today at In Fine Feather here.

Featured image via In Fine Feather Studio.