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Behind Modern Spin: Ellevator

Blog/MusicNovember 28th 2017
Aaron De Jesus

In the fifth installment of Modern Spin, we see Hamilton locals, Ellevator takes to the floor to cover another Hamilton classic artist, Caribou. Threshold Sound Recording Studio hosted this experimental-pop band, covering a 2010 Dan Snaith track from his "Swim" album, "Odessa".
Formerly known as The Medicine Hat, members Nabi, Tyler, Elliott, Mike and Thomas radiated positive energy while grabbing hold of Threshold's space with undeniable confidence. In this performance, the 5-piece group made the cover their own. Engineer and Threshold owner Mike Keire captured and mixed the audio, while Cameron Veitch and his video assistant of Black Lake Productions captured the video.
The amusing, lighthearted sound of the session started after their meticulous setup time. A few of the production team kept the band entertained with some new recording equipment and provided an eating space. Along with continual jokes, Thomas Hammerton, the keyboardist brightened the room by running a sound test with a famous Coppola film score.

Ellevator proceeded to perform the tune intimately to the small team once their recording session started. Mike Boyd's steady drumming maintained rhythm, Elliot Gwynne's gritty bass shook everyone around, Tyler Bersche kept the viewers in awe with his guitar shredding, and Nabi Sue Bersche's soothing vocals were nothing less than blissful.