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Top 5: November 16th

Blog/MusicNovember 16th 2017
Patricia Aldave

This week we have an amazing Canadian, Country and Folk filled top 5, check it out below.

5. Cold Specks – Fool’s Paradise

Fool’s has been flitting in and out of our top 5 for weeks since its release in September, which should be an indication of its quality this release is. A really interesting mix of smooth vocals and experimental synthesized melodies, this album lets loose a much more introspective side of this Toronto based artist. Fool’s Paradise and Wild Card are my personal favourites, check those out if you’re into slow goth soul tracks.

4. Vissia – Placeholder

This folk rock album by Alberta native Vissia graces our top 5 this week after only having been officially been released for less than a week. The 9 track album, although only a brief 31 mins, does not fall short in terms of being a solid folk rock americana release. Each song has a slightly different vibe from the previous one – the album shuffles back and forth between upbeat country with tracks like “Mountaineer” or “I wanted”, and slower ones like “Macondo” and “The Kind of Good”.

3. Sunfields – Mono Mono

Sunfield’s third full length release takes our third spot this week with Mono Mono, a country tinged indie rock album that will have you tapping your toes and nostalgically reflecting on your life. The sweet alt-folk love song “Oh! My Girl” is the kind of sweet ballad you’d want to sing to your special someone; if you want to check out one of their more indie rock inclined tracks, take a listen to “Three to the Sun”.

2. Terra Lightfoot – New Mistakes

Hamilton’s own Terra Lightfoot rocks our charts at number two with this driven blues rock album. Each track is backed slightly distorted hooks and riffs and boasts Terra’s deep, crisp, and powerful vocals. The album opens with “Paradise”, a hard and heavy blues pop track that topped our charts for weeks back when it was released as a single.  “Ruthless” follows in a similar catchy blues pop vein, and if you’re looking for a hard hitting ground stomper check out “Slick Back Kid”.

1. Scott Orr – Violent Blue (Single)

We’re really excited to see Hamilton local Scott Orr take the number one spot with his single Violent Blue, a really calm and slow track which shows off a slightly different side or him than his previous albums. Starting off quiet with just his voice and what sounds like distorted arpeggios, the song gradually amps up adding percussion and keys, resulting in a well-crafted and slow reflective track. Rumour is he’s working on a new release, so keep your eyes out for that in the coming months.

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