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Behind Modern Spin: SIANspheric

Blog/MusicNovember 14th 2017
Aaron De Jesus

Modern Spin continues this week, where we see more Hamilton locals covering Hamilton classic tunes. Boxcar Sound Recording Studio hosted the post-rock, psychedelic band Sianspheric, to cover a classic Forgotten Rebels tune, "Surfin' On Heroin."

The 4-person band walked into the recording space with a calm and confident stride, slowly setting up their own equipment as Matt Montour, Ben Somer, and Sean Pearson got ready to record and master the track. Black Lake Productions caught the entirety of this hard and grungy jam session with videographer Cameron Veitch and his assistant behind the camera.

Sianspheric took a strong hold on the original Forgotten Rebel surf sound and transformed it into their own hard hitting rock tune. From their opening guitar squeals and their hypnotic drumming, to their gritty vocals and cathartic performance, this band knows how to bring the excitement to the room. The atmosphere was reminiscent of a youthful summer garage party, much like the band's reasoning for choosing this song; nostalgic pool memories as kids. Check out how this week's episode was made in this exclusive behind-the-scenes take.