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McMaster's Museum of Art Presents "UNAPOLOGETIC: Acts of Survivance"

Blog/NewsJanuary 13th 2017
Tumi Adegoroye

UNAPOLOGETIC: Acts of Survivance

McMaster's Museum of Art (MMA) was founded in 1967. It is a non-profit museum which is located at McMaster University. The public museum has over 6000 artifacts, art objects and antiquities which are not only local but international. Their exhibitions are usually heartwarming, breathtaking and brilliant. This winter, they have several exhibitions and events for Hamiltonians and individuals from all over the world - oh, and they are all free!

Earlier this week, Tumi Adegoroye sat down for an interview with Rheanne Chartrand, who is the Aboriginal Curatorial Resident at the McMaster Museum of Art. Rheanne has had several experiences with arts & media administrating, cultural institutions, Indigenous Performing Arts and many more.

Being the curator of the exhibition, UNAPOLOGETIC: Acts of Survivance, Rheanne shed some light on the importance of having contemporary indigenous artists display their works at this exhibition. Her opinion was simply powerful. The McMaster alumnus talked about her experience at the university when studying anthropology and History.

She later gave some advice to upcoming independent artists, urging them to strive more, to continue to hustle, and one day they will be where they want to be. She also encourages people to attend the exhibition, it will definitely be an educational, heartwarming and and inspiring event where these artists show resistance and survivance in their works. Museum lovers this one is for you!

The exhibition UNAPOLOGETIC: Acts of Survivance starts January 12th and goes on until March 25th, 2017 from 6pm to 8pm. This exhibition also comes with the Curator's Tour (January 31st), Curator's Talk (February 2nd), Panel Discussion (February 9th). Did we mention, the events are also free? For more information about MMA and their exhibitions, click here.

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